Our teachings

Our teachings

At our school, we teach a very specific kind of self-defense, based on the ancient, Japanese warrior art of ninjutsu.

Our aim is not only to safeguard values long-forgotten or to pass on the useful knowledge of melee combat and tactics, for we understand that only the combination of these two elements can balance the individual within the confinements of the concrete jungle.

For this reason, our teachings incorporate a one thousand year old culture, to better help reveal the spirit that is capable of defending itself, no matter the circumstances.

At Wulfskara, we stand for tradition, human ingenuity and adaptability.

Our training

  • Meditation: We understand that it takes some time to release the tension that comes with living an urban life. Because of that, we take a precious few minutes at the beginning of every single session to reach the state of mind required for proper training.
  • Stretching: Stiff movement will eventually lead to injuries, so we dedicate fifteen minutes of our time for warming up. The goal is let the body relax its muscles, before moving on to more demanding tasks.
  • Improving finesse: In order to practice and learn properly, one must be in an adequate physical condition to do so. By going through this rather intense twenty minute session, we strengthen those functional muscles that are necessary for resisting punches and keeping stances.
  • Custom training: Everyone has to practice on his/her skill level or learn new tricks a level above that. These steps cannot be skipped, as each new tier builds upon the foundations laid down by previous ones. During these sessions, you will receive regular feedback from the master, so you may know precisely what you need to improve upon.
  • Group activities: A warrior can survive on its own, but when needed, he/she is capable of forming an effective unit with fellow teammates. Many of our exercises can only be completed, if you trust and cooperate with your training partners.
  • Fighting against multiple opponents: Your attackers will not be alone. This is a fact supported by our own experiences. After you have the basics lodged inside your muscle memory, we shall prepare you for such instances. A fight may involve weapons of any choice; and a fight does not end necessarily, if you or your opponents hit the ground.

Our teachers and paragons

The head and master of our dojo is Zsolt Lenkey, who has almost two decades of experience in ninjutsu.
He is proficient in many forms of self-defense: at the age of ten, he started practising karate shoto ryu, shoto kan and kyokushinkai, which he followed up by learning systema. That is how he found the dojo of the late Shihan David Jesse Holt, where he continued his journey on the path of ninjutsu.
After Holt’s death, Dai Shihan Dean Rostohar made him his private student, and he has been learning from him ever since.

Our professional instructor is Dai Shihan Dean Rostohar, who acquired firsthand knowledge of self-defense and melee combat during his service in the Jugoslavian War.
As a veteran, he took what he learned from Grandmaster Hatsumi and enriched it with his unique perspective; thus, creating the Specwog combat system. For his deeds and his teachings, he was given the rank of Dai Shihan (greatest distinction of honor) by the central dojo of the Bujinkan.
As the head of the Bujinkan Seishin Dojo of Zagreb, he travels the world, holding seminars for those interested in self-defense.

The last decade, Shihan David Jesse Holt (Dave) was one of the prime guardians of traditional ninjutsu in Hungary, and under his care, martial arts blossomed in the country. He learned directly from Soke Grandmaster Hatsumi as his private student.
Although, Sensei Dave is not among us anymore, we safeguard his legacy of living life with the utmost caring and awareness.

The life of Shihan Ed Martin (Papasan) is more than examplary: he began learning ninjutsu at the age of 50, and after a short decade, he became a master who was holding seminars for hundreds of people all around the world.
Martin was calmness and vigilance incarnate; he successfully demonstrated that you do not need to resort to violence to be effective at self-defense.
We train at our dojo every day with his teachings and his memory in mind.

Contact and general info

You can find our dojo in Budapest, Teréz blvd 4. (Club Weryus), with the entrance facing Dohnányi Ernő street (between Oktogon and Király street). In terms of public transportation, it is a real sweetspot, for we have trams 4 and 6 providing service in the entirety of downtown, and Metro lines 1, 3 and 4 transporting passengers to the outskirts of the city.

We hold our training sessions every tuesday and thursday from 19:30 PM, and every saturday 9:00 AM. These sessions are usually two hours long (they may be shorter, depending on their intensity). If you decide to join us, the only thing you need to do is let us know of your participation. The first session is free of charge for all newcomers, so you can see for yourself, if you like what we are offering or not.

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wulfskara
– E-mail: info@wulfskara.hu